Monday, October 16, 2006

TA&LSOW&MA IV: goodbye, cruel weather

Dearest Friends:

We are most excited to announce the final Tungsten Arts & Letters Society Outdoor Word & Music Adventure of the season. The theme will be money. There will be readings by Paul Vermeersch and Liisa Ladouceur. There will be music by Bacon of Brunswick (our long suffering house band). There will be snacks and hot apple cider. There will be a baby. There will be no charge.

Please join us on Wednesday October 18 for our bittersweet 2006 finale at the Cloud Garden on Richmond near Bay Street. It runs from 6:30pm and will finish very early, so do not come late. We will look up on the towers and shake our fists at the power structure, and curse the coming of winter, and revel in the joy of our arts. (And letters. And snacks. Where there are snacks, there can be no misery.)

Image lifted with all due reverance from photojunkie.


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