Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The poet's corner in the "Sarabande" section of the Toronto Music Garden will be the picturesque site of the second installment of the Tungsten Arts & Letters Society Outdoor Word & Music Adventure. The theme, given the location, is Music. There will, of course, also be words, too, the theme notwithstanding. The words will likely be about music, though, so if you really hate music, you may want to stay home.

We will feature readings by Emily Schultz and Damian Rogers. There will, as always, be music by our house band, Bacon of Brunswick. And of course there will be refreshments by Grandma Donna Keenan, which many people will consider to be the highlight of the event. Ceremonial Mastery will be provided by TA&LS head honcho Edward Keenan.

The whole thing goes down at 6:30pm on Wendesday September, 20, 2006. As always: there is no sound system, there is no booze, there are no washrooms. My, can you stand the adventure?

Here is a map to t he Music Garden.

The photo above was stolen from lesliet.


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